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Church History

Church History

Adamsville Baptist Church has a remarkable history that dates back to 1850 when it was first built. It is the oldest church in Sumter County.  John Adams, the first pioneer to settle on Jackson Highway (now Route 468), recognized the need for a church in the community.  He donated one acre of land to the Methodist Conference on which to build a church and cemetery. The present church was built immediately and was a gift of S. A. Curry, a wealthy merchant who lived several miles away. The cemetery was begun in 1851 and is the final resting place for its original founder, John Adams.


When Sumter County was formed in January 1853 Adamsville was made the county seat. The courthouse, of log construction, was built near the church. At that time Adamsville consisted of the church, the courthouse, the general store and home of John Adams.

Since then this little white church at Adamsville has flourished as a symbol of the Christian faith of the people mainly because of a long line of Godly men intent on sharing the word of God behind its pulpit. The church became known as Adamsville Baptist Church in 1947 when it was purchased by the Baptists. As for the cemetery, which belongs to the Methodist Church, people of all faiths are buried there.

It is our hope you would like to visit us some Sunday and learn more of the history of Adamsville Baptist Church known as “A Small Church With A Big Heart.” We believe you’ll still hear the word of God being spectacularly preached and will want to join the many others in attendance continuing the heritage of this legacy.

If you or someone you know has any pictures, news articles, books, or any personal accounts of the history of Adamsville Baptist Church, please let us know. We can be reached by email, Facebook, or phone (352-748-1821)

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